Hanna (lilja_june) wrote in gaze_rating,

pairing application.

About You

Name: Hanna.
Age: 24.
Personality: What the hell? I can't sum that up xD But I guess talkative, bouncy, happy, loyal, stubborn... that sums it up :)
Hobbies: Listening to music, singing, drawing, taking photos, reading, sometimes writing... however the question remains whether I'm really good at all that art stuff *lol*
Interests: Music, my friends, anime/manga, ...

What would you prefer?

A leader or a follower? Can't I have a mix of both?
Outspoken or quiet? Outspoken.
Optimistic or pessimistic? Realistic!
Hyper or calm? Oh dear... calm, just not boring ;)
Playful or mischeivous? Playful.
Cool or dorky? Dorky!
Careful or carefree? Carefree.
Serious or funny? Funny.
To explore or to stay? Explore.

About Him

Who's your interest? Uruha... no wait, Aoi... or Uruha? Don't make me decide D: Okay, I'm going with Uruha.
What do you like about him? He's pretty, an awesome musician and he seems to be a nice & funny guy :)
Does he have the same interests as you? If so, what? I've been out of this fandom for too long, I can't remember .__. But I don't really think so... apart from the music, I guess.
What do you find ideal in that person He's a dork, I love that.
What would you do on a first date? Oh, I'm really not a dates person, I don't like dates, they're awkward xD So it would be as casual as possible... something fun.

Who do you think is the least compatible to you? Ruki maybe. From what I've read about him in interviews... I don't think we'd really get along.

Anything else you would like to add? Rate away :) I'm curious for the result.

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