☆ BASSIST PRINCESS Emi-chan (bassistprincess) wrote in gaze_rating,

pairing application

About You

Name: Emi
Age: 19
Personality: simple-minded, compassionate, but still trying to be a strong person. I don't like to depend on anyone else anymore.
Hobbies: drawing, music, bass guitar, videogames, my personal silly fashion style
Interests: pretty much the same as hobbies.

What would you prefer?

A leader or a follower? I don't really mind either one here.
Outspoken or quiet? maybe a little of both?
Optimistic or pessimistic? I don't have a preference for this one. I kinda like cheering a pessimist up, but optimism cheers me up when I'm feeling bad.
Hyper or calm? calm, because what would happen if I'M hyper and then I have a hyper boyfriend who's being hyper with me, and we're being hyper in a tiny room?
Playful or mischeivous? playful, because, mischeivous people... if they tickle me I laugh and smile, automatic reaction, but I hate being touched when I don't want to be touched.
Cool or dorky? dorky. I like cool too, but dorky people are far more likely to share my interests, and not shun me when I'm being a dork too.
Careful or carefree? careful, probably. I don't want someone who doesn't care about other people at all.
Serious or funny? funny, because serious people are boring, but I'd still prefer someone who has the capacity to be serious if it's necessary.
To explore or to stay? stay. we can explore a little, but not all the time.

About Him

Who's your interest? Reita, but you probably guessed that when you saw my username didn't you?
What do you like about him? he tries to be SO MANLY and SO COOL but with friends, he's just a dork. and a nice guy. I like nice guys. and I think pretending is fun too : D
Does he have the same interests as you? If so, what? well, I play bass guitar too, but I highly doubt I will be in a famous band...
What do you find ideal in that person? the nice part is the biggest one, I don't tolerate rudeness anymore, I've had enough of that in the past.
What would you do on a first date? I'd be happy with anything he wanted to do, but if he asked me where I wanted to go, then amusement parks would be my automatic answer.

Who do you think is the least compatible to you? I'd say Ruki.

Anything else you would like to add? on the rare occasion that I like someone besides a 2 week long crush, I like them as anything, whoever they are or want to be, it's all part of them.
also I don't really know if this helps and I look really young but if you want to see a pic of me, old facebook profile pic from a few months ago.

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