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Hime Aya Haruka Shiroyama Lee

general application

<lj-cut text="Miseinen (?)">
<b><u>About You</u></b>

<b>Name:</b>  Aya/Haru/Hime.. ops maybe you want my real one lol'.. Natalia
<b>Age:</b>  23
<b>Favorite color:</b>  balck, purple, red, gold, blue..
<b>Favorite clothing style:</b>  my own style sorry
<b>Likes:</b>  My parents who bare me. Reilachan. UruaXAoi, GazettE, Mars, SHINee, SJ, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton. Queer as folk, Criminal minds, Buffy the vampire slayers, TVD ecc ecc. Arts, drawing, writhing, grafhic, watching movies, photography. YAOI. JAPAN &  Korea, fashion, gyaru, visual kei, neils art, indie band, ALEX&ALBY. My future life, My Brother,  languages, All my pets. Cinema, strange thingm, Gothic Lolita, Specer Ried. My girls: my cameras! Criminology, psycology, psychiatry. Tv series, Dorama, make a review. Photoshop, stay at home, concerts ....
<b>Dislikes:</b> false peoples, hypocrisy, my being weak, homophobes, racist. Who does nothing but judge by the cover. The world
around me who I feel too tight. Some of my relatives. Who judge me a bad girl just for my look. Who can only be able to offend me in anon
status. Who believe to be a great writer but she/he isn’t. Who ruined Artistic works u.u. Who
humiliates others, who put her/his happy life in the square in  front of peoples who the only thing wanna do is to jump off to a bilding. Shark,snakes,insects, arrogance. Mymother who force me to eat when I don’t want. Eating, and so on..
<b>Hobbies:</b> Music, ART, drawing, writhing, grafhic, watching movies, photography, stay at home read a good book or watch my favorite tv series, do sites ecc ecc

<b>Gazette is:</b>  My life. They save my life more then once so if I'm here, writing this post is thanks to them <3

<b><u>About the Band</u></b>

<b>Who's your favorite member?</b>  I love them All... the first time I saw them I just fell in love with Aoi & Uruha..but I'm feeling more like Aoi, so Aoi..yeah..
<b>Reason?</b>  1. We have a lot of things in common,; 2. He's a cute,nice, unique and special person. 3. He's a great musician 4. I love how he can't hide his shyness
<b>Favorite song:</b> difficult chooise..ehm.. Miseinen, for a lot of reasons (personal one)
<b>Favorite PV:</b> Miseinen, Taion, Guren.. ecc ecc
<b>If Gazette weren't musicians, they'd be...?</b>

Ruki: Designer
Uruha: soccer player
Aoi: rider
Kai: Chef

<b>What do you feel when listening to Gazette?</b> omg woow diffcult, mmh intense and deep feeling! They like I just say help me always in bad an happy moment...


<b>dont be afraid : </b> so.. some here: http://himeharukay0u.tumblr.com/post/4992023263/the-moster-me , other here: http://himeharukay0u.tumblr.com/post/9481161036/selca-2011-08-28
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