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gaze_rating's Journal

[ガゼット] Rating Community
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The GazettE Rating Community -- Apply and get rated! ^^

GAZETTE RATING; Welcome! This is a place where by filling out an application, and with the help of fellow community users, you can be stamped with the one GazettE member you resemble the most. We also do 'pairing' ratings, to determine which GazettE member you would be most compatible with ;)

We have a few simple rules;

o1. In order to be rated, you must be a member.

o2. Please be respectful towards one another. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

o3. Please put your application under an lj-cut. If you don't know how, no big deal! we're happy to help :)

o4. Use 'General Application' in the subject title when applying for a normal rating and 'Pairing Application' when applying for a pairing rating. Very straightforward but often people forget. It just makes sorting a little easier.

o5. Bold the member's name when voting.

o6. You will be stamped after 6 votes. Any votes after this will not be included, unless there is a tie and a tie-breaker is required.

o7. Please don't disappear once you have been rated. Participation is greatly appreciated.

o8. You may re-apply only once. Please also include Re-Application in your subject title. If you have a new account but want to carry over your stamp from the previous account, or if you would like to apply again, feel free to notify us and we will make the necessary changes.

o9. If you would like to offer some stamps, you can do so in this entry.

1o. Have fun, yeah?

If you have any questions, just contact the mods :)

general stamps
pairing stamps
stamped list
pairing list

General Application

Pairing Application

made by toychest_murder


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